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Just minutes from the Mediterranean Sea, visitors often like to spend time on the beach.  With easy access to both free public beaches and posh beach clubs, there is something for everyone.  Head to the east over the mountains, a beautiful 20 minute drive, and you will find Lucca, one of the few Italian towns which still have completely intact Roman walls surrounding the city center.  One of the most famous symbols of Italy, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is just a short drive or train ride away.  Florence, a must see, is just 1 hour by car, train or bus from Villa Cenami.  Rome can be easily reached in 3.5 hours by car or direct train from Viareggio.  Cinqueterra, Parma and Portofino are within a short drive, perfect for day trips.  One of our favorite recommendations is a day trip through the hills of Siena and the Chianti wine region.

We at Villa Cenami always suggest getting out and seeing what Italy has to offer.  The land is beautiful, the people are friendly and the food is amazing.  But if you choose to spend your vacation relaxing in your private apartment or strolling the grounds of our Villa, we assure you that your vacation will be just as unforgettable.